GloFX Luminescence Shutter Frames- Yellow and Red


  • Battery Powered Illuminated Frame
  • 3 modes: Solid On, Flashing, and Sound Activated
  • 3ft. Wire To Clip Battery Pack on Belt, Pants, or Shirt
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries for Hours of Illumination (Included)
  • Doesn’t Block Your Vision
Luminescence Shutter Frames have now been taken to the next level!  With a dual color EL wire design, these glasses are sure to grab the attention of any passerby. Be seen in a whole new way with our multi color Shutter Frames. Our Multi Color Shutter Frame glasses light up the night and beyond with their bright EL wire wrapped frame. The best part is that they don’t block your vision! Enjoy the rockstar life style, every time with these glasses. Powered with our multiple mode inverter that allows you to display solid colors, flashing or just rock out to the sound activated mode of your favorite tune. The sound activated mode can be set to go with the beat of the music at any distance or pace. The 3-foot wire on the battery pack makes it easy to tuck away or clip on your belt. Enjoy a lightshow to any BPM of your favorite EDM music with these awesome glasses. Why wait? Grab a pair of GloFX multi color EL glasses and light up your next event or party!

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comparison_chart_high_resTrust GloFX for the highest quality diffraction glasses, anaglyph glasses, 3Diffraction Glasses, and Kaleidoscope Glasses! All of our glasses are backed by our GloFX 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We are the original light diffraction glasses!

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What are diffraction glasses? Diffraction glasses feature a special lens that diffracts light into a gradient spectrum of colors. There are different types of diffraction effects such as spiral diffraction, heart diffraction, star diffraction, and the most popular crosshatched line diffraction. There are many coined terms for the properly named Diffraction Glasses, such as Prism or Prizm Sunglasses, Firework Optics, Rainbow Spectacles, Laser or Lazer Sunglasses, Kaleidoscope Lenses, Rave Specs, and Refraction Shades. We prefer the scientific name- Diffraction Glasses. To truly experience this stimulating visual experience, grab a pair of GloFX glasses and start seeing rainbows today! These glasses are primarily used for looking at visual displays, 3D projections & screens, moving light shows, music festivals, fireworks, parties, and lasers shows among endless other uses!

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