What Are Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses?

Every day we encounter diffraction and you would be surprised how many applications it has. With uses ranging from scientific research to entertainment, our Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses are great for many uses including the following:

  • Fireworks and Firework Shows
  • Science Class and Learning the study of light waves
  • Holiday and Christmas lights
  • Music Festivals and carnivals
  • Watching TV / 3D Movies
  • Visualizers on as itunes windows media player
  • Projection mapping and 3d screens
  • Looking at lights and in nature
  • Enhancing Laser Light Shows
  • EDM Music Festivals
  • Creating Epic Rainbows anywhere you go
  • Watching Epic DJ's
  • LED Gloving and orbit light shows
  • Adding depth to Poi and LED props
  • Enhancing any lightshows or performances