GloFX Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles


  • Chrome Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles
  • Real Glass Kaleidoscopic Lenses
  • Industry Leading Laser Etched Diffraction
  • Intense Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Merged Effect
  • High Quality Hard-Coated Chrome Plastic
  • Adjustable Elastic Headband
  • Made in the USA
Immerse yourself into an intense prism of reality with our Rainbow Kaleidoscope Goggles plus an added layer of Diffraction! What could be better than combining your two favorite lighting effects? These steam punk style goggles have a unique cyber look that will make you truly stand out at your next EDM festival or rave. Our goggles started with an optical grade crystal glass lens, then we added a layer of Diffraction, and merged the two for an unexplainable effect. By blocking out all exterior light, our Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles provide an unparalleled experience that has to been seen in person to truly understand. With its adjustable headband and high quality chrome plastic, you can rest assured that your new goggles will stay put no matter how wild your night gets. These high quality Kaleidoscope Goggles feature 100% real glass lenses and are proudly Made in the USA!  

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