GloFX Matrix Diffraction Glasses – Black (10 Pack)


  • 10 Pairs of GloFX MATRIX Diffraction Glasses
  • Adjustable Double Lenses
  • Bottom Lens= Double Diffraction
  • Top Lens= Double Diffraction
  • Fold down the top for QUADRUPLE Diffraction!
  • TrueFlex PVC Frame
  • High Quality & Durable
  • All New Frame & Design
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • True Hard Lenses
  • 100% Even Diffraction. No film, No bubbles, No Weak Spots.
  • Exclusive Design Gives Quadruple The Diffraction of Our Standard Glasses
  • These glasses have more diffraction than any product on the market, Guaranteed!
  Double Lens= QUADRUPLE Diffraction!  These glasses will have you seeing walls of numbers! Our all new MATRIX Diffraction Glasses boast 4 Prominent Layers of Gradient Light Diffraction. Unlike our competitors who use layers of "film", we put the diffraction effect directly INTO the lens.  This method provides much more diffraction, higher durability, and smooth even light diffraction from corner to corner.  Too much diffraction? Flip up the second layer and enjoy the same great effect as our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses.

Conditions Of Use