GloFX Standard Diffraction Glasses – White (2 Pack)


  • GloFX Standard Diffraction Glasses - White
  • 2 Pack 
  • Molded Plastic Hinge Frame
  • Crisp Light Diffraction Lenses
  • Soft Plastic Lenses
  • Stylish and Affordable
  • Water Resistant  
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
How could you live with yourself if you didn't buy an extra pair for your friend at this awesome price? Heck, just buy an extra pair to give a cute girl! With our 2 pack of diffraction glasses not only are you saving money, but you’re also getting the best diffraction glasses on the market today! Read more about these awesome White Standard Diffraction Glasses.

 Trust your diffraction expertise to GloFX for the highest quality Diffraction Glasses, Luminescence Glasses, 3Diffraction Glasses, and Kaleidoscope Glasses around! All of our glasses are backed by our GloFX 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and always covered under our Lifetime Limited Warranty! We are the original light diffraction glasses!

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 Conditions Of Use