GloFX Standard Diffraction Glasses – White (20 Pack)


  • GloFX Brand Diffraction Glasses
  • Pack Of 20
  • Equipped with Light Diffracting Gradient "firework" lenses
  • White plastic hinge frame
  • Sleek New Style for!  
  • Fold up for easy travel
  • Flexible plastic
  • Super Comfortable
  • All WHITE Frame
  GloFX Diffraction Glasses aren't your typical shades.  They have the GloFX touch.  Equipped with light diffracting gradient "firework" lenses, our GloFX Sunglasses turn any light source into an instant light show! Toss these glasses on day or night and they will blow your mind!  Unlike paper "firework" glasses, GloFX glasses are waterproof and ready to handle anything you throw at them!

Conditions Of Use