GloFX Team 4-LED Orbit: Firework


  • Exclusive GloFX Team Orbit
  • 4-LED GloFX Orbit (Orbital)
  • Two Red, Green, Yellow Strobe Microlights
  • One Yellow-Orange Ribbon Microlight
  • One Red Ribbon Microlight
  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon String
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Total length approximately 28 inches (~14 inches from each side)
Our GloFX Orbit Team has spent months compiling their favorite orbits. No more figuring out what colors to get or wasting time building custom orbits. We have done the hard work for you! Easily create mind-blowing light shows for your family, friends, and onlookers! Our GloFX brand 4-LED Orbits are the best on the market. They are perfectly balanced for flawless spinning and easy tricks! These professional quality orbits are made with nylon string for extra speed and quicker response time from your orbit. They perform better than any other orbit on the market and are the top choice for most advanced and competitive orbiters! Equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel finger rings that are made to last. These top of the line 4-LED Orbits are guaranteed to blow your mind with stunning color and supreme performance. All of our Orbits are Official GloFX Brand and MADE IN THE USA

Conditions Of Use